ATA Bangalore Chapter is one of the largest community of agile testers in Bangalore. This page is dedicated to all the activities and the events organized by Agile Testing Alliance and DevOps++ Alliance organized in Bangalore region. ATA organizes meetups as a part of the community initiative. The first ATA Bangalore Meetup was held on 15th November, 2013. ATA organizes certification programs on master agile testing (CP-MAT), selenium automation testing (CP-SAT) etc in Bangalore.

Details for these programs are on below urls
CP-MAT : https://cpmat.agiletestingalliance.org/
CP-SAT : https://cpsat.agiletestingalliance.org/
CP-DOF : https://cpdof.devopsppalliance.org/

For more information on Agile Testing Alliance and DevOps++ Alliance, please visit the following URL’s
Agile Testing Alliance : https://agiletestingalliance.org/
DevOps++ Alliance : https://devopsppalliance.org/

Upcoming Events

For more information on events, Please visit : https://www.ataevents.org/


Bhaskar Motouru

ATA Bangalore President

Nagesh Deshpande

ATA Bangalore Secretary

Shrinathacharya LM

Core Committee Member

Amod Mahajan

Core Committee Member

Deepthi K

Core Committee Member

Kiran Kabadi

Core Committee Member

Rakesh Kondreddy

Core Committee Member

Shreyas Waikar

Core Committee Member

Sundaresan Krishnaswami

Core Committee Member

Bharanidharan Anantharaman

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